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Around the world lady filmmakers are at the top of their game and supporting each other’s voices. Here is an organization we love.

Love our theme song? You should hear the rest of Kate Brown’s music. Listen to her newest album and if you’re in LA, check her out live.

The Writers Guild of America has been a great supporter. If there is a script you’re trying to track down, be sure to check out their library.

Looking for a festival for your film? Stephens College film festival Citizen Jane was voted “One of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by

We love to keep up on current news for women in the industry. Women and Hollywood is one of our favorite sources.

Did you know the first head of production at a major film company was a woman? Alice Guy Blaché made over 1,000 movies and Pamela Green and her team are finishing what will be the definitive documentary on her life. Check out and support their work.

Loved recording our theme song at York Recording in Highland Park.