Samantha Bailey and Fawz Mirza


A peek at how Chicago does it. Sam Bailey of Brown Girls fame (Hey HBO!) and Fawz Mirza of the critically acclaimed film Signature Move talked about careers that start outside of Hollywood, and how you find success by creating your own work.

Samantha Bailey

“I wasn’t seeing it, especially for younger women of color, like women in their 20s. I always felt like I heard in college like, “Oh you’re gonna work Sam when you’re in you’re late thirties.” I was like, that’s dope, but like in the meantime… what am I supposed to do? And I guess the answer to that is, create your own.”

Fawz Mirza

“I created this character, the Muslim illegitimate daughter of Donald Trump…when you talk about like a great feminist safe space, that’s not it, the comments are not feminist safe spaces.”

“I’m just this weird little person, what power do I have? Well, I can do satire.”


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